how to display the tooltip message when pressing the tab key from the keyboard
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.10.12 (Build 39150)

Hi There,

I have traditional web screen with few parameters on the screen which take input from the user. I do have a tooltip configured for one specific field, and the tool tip is displaying the message when the mouse point is hovered on that field. But when I use the tab button to move from one field to another filed on the screen, the tool tip is now displaying the message when the control reaches the specific Field where the tool tip is configured. Please help me how to fix this issue. Thanks in advance.




Hi Madhu,

How did you "configure the tooltip"?

Hi Madhu,

May be you can try with the 'onblur' event when control moves from one input to another for the input which is in focus or you can use 'onfocus' event for the next input value and configure(set the visibility when control changes when press the 'tab') the tooltip accordingly.


Thanks Guys, 

I got the solution. Actually I was using "onblur" event on a input text box and a fake widget . When the control passes over from this input text box, onblur event will be triggered and this will call the fake widget which has screen action configured (with Deprecated Notify Get Message from the rich widget, and ajax refresh which will refresh the container of the Tool tip. This is working now.

Thanks again for you prompt response.

I need a tooltip to be placed in the upper right hand corner of my screen (and I work with several different computers with different resolutions) that will not go away until the script is terminated, but will change its text based on the hotkeys that are pressed.

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