[Work Flow Builder] How to set two task in single Manual task

Hi there,

I am trying to build an application in work flow builder from outsystems in which user needs to perform two manual task at the same time based on condition, so my questions is how to add two manual task in single manual task.

Many Thanks in advance.

Any one has idea about this??

Hi Komal

Can you describe better your use case giving a practical example?


Gonçalo Almeida

Bank manager wants to assign the quality check levels to different user, single user with single level is working but when bank manager wants to assign two quality check levels at single manual task to two different user and to single user is not working. I tried with status but bank manager's task is assigned to Level1 quality check user.


Hi Komal,

you need to keep separate status for approval .

like - Approval 1 - Status 1 (Pending , Approved)

 Approval 2 - Status  2 (Pending , Approved)

Approval 3 - Status 3 (Pending , Approved)

also manage final status at final approval.

If approval 1 pending or approved at same time approval 2 can see . once approval 2 can approved then 

goes to Final approval.

Hope it will help you.



I will try this but already tried with 2 status but it directly goes to quality check user instead of bank manager.

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