Problem with Agile Platform Service Studio

Problem with Agile Platform Service Studio

Hi there!

I'm having a problem with Service Studio,
We are upgrading from Service Studio 4.2 to 5.1 so when i open an espace previously downloaded from the 4.2 version i cannot change nothing in the select server dialog box and consequently do nothing with the espace.
In other words, the espace open after being converted, by the platform itself, to to the v 5.1 and it shows warnings which need to be corrected by add/remove references. So when i choose either the select server button, add/remove references or 1-click publish the platform shows the select server dialog box. Nothing can be changed in this dialog box (it seems to be locked) and if i try to change something the submit feedback dialog box shows up annoyingly because the send feedback option don't work and the don't send button take me to internal service studio error.
I already unisntalled and reinstalled the platform but the problem remains.
Any clues?
The screen is right here!

Hi Luis,

Well, I've been doing the rounds here, and nobody seems to know what is happening there - and without sending the feedback, it's a bit of guesswork here.

I'm going to suggest the following, as a possible workaround:

- Go to your C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\OutSystems\ServiceStudio 5.1 folder
- Make a backup of the settings.xml file, to a different folder
- Remove it from the original folder
- Try to open that eSpace again, and see if it works better

Alternatively, can you connect to a server when you open a different eSpace? And when you don't open any eSpace at all, just Service Studio, and start form scratch? Does the same happen?

I am forwarding this thread to our support team, but in the meanwhile let us know how it goes.


Paulo Tavares
Hi, Paulo

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I did exactly what you recommended and the problem remain.


Luis Henriques
Well, since you weren't able to submit the error, I suggest you send an e-mail to our support team as well, with the eSpace, so that they can follow up with you regarding that problem.

Also, you didn't reply to the questions I placed:

Can you connect to a server when you open a different eSpace?
And when you don't open any eSpace at all, just Service Studio, and start form scratch? Does the same happen?


Paulo Tavares
Hi, Paulo

Sorry for not awsering your questions!
No! I cannot connect to a server when opening a diferent espace neither from scratch or even without opening any espace.
EDIT: Meanwhile the Service Studio totally hangs my local machine. Only CTRL+ALT+DEL solve the problem but with a small delay.


Luis Henriques
Did you ever get a solution for this problem?

I get pretty much the same error, with the same screens.

This will happen several times, where I will have to open and close SS using the Task Manager before it works again...

1. I open SS.
2. I connect to server.
3. I attempt to open an eSpace (The eSpace itself doesn't matter, it happens with all of them).
4. It just hangs, and I end up having to resort to Task Manager to kill the program, yet, it is always listed as "Running", even though it is entirely unresponsive.

This also happens sometimes when I'm trying to 1-click-publish.

The strangest thing is that sometimes it will work, and then it won't. 

Specs: (build 30582: tags/v5_1_1_28 @ 2011-12-19 19:55:19)
Running via Parallels Desktop - Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit
4 GB ram