Intercepting "There was an error processing your request" screen
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Service Studio Version
11.10.12 (Build 39237)

I implemented some screens to display customs messages when the application is not on-line (using Get Network Status function) or a Communications Exception happens. However some times the screen below shows before the Communication Exception is triggered. Is there a way to "intercept" the condition that launches the screen below in order to display a custom screen? Thanks



Check in service center on monitor page the Error log, for more information.



Hi Daniel,

This usually happens when there is no connection to the server, so there is no entry in the server log (service center) about. It happens when the app is closed in the phone and I tried to open it (and there is no connection to say, the internet), probably because the first thing that happens is the apps checks if there is a new version of itself. 


That should not be the reason, what might be is that you execute a server action in the OnApplicationResume or on the display of the screen. You should always check if there is an internet connection before you call a server action or access server entities.

Hi Henry.

Debug the app and find where the error is triggered. You can use the chrome emulator to simulate if the problem is related to the connection.


Gonçalo Almeida

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