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Hello again, when i create a new empty screen then My screen is created blank why? the screen is not having title are or action area or container like other empty scree give . and in my UI flow i could find email and common Please help me out. 


Hi Sheeba,

First of all, check that on your module details, you have a Default Theme filled:

Then on the tab Interface, under folder Themes, select your theme and under Blocks, on the property Layout, you should select the default layout you want from the ones you have under Common.

With that, you define the default layout when creating a screen on the given module.

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If you drag an entity to the UI flow, it will create automatically a screen with a table to manage that data with title, etc etc


Follow the below steps you can find solution for your problem.

1. Check your module theme first

Default Theme property of module should not be  (none) . If it is set to none then you get empty screen (without title top menu , action) when you will create a new screen. So set it to your App theme.

2. If you already created with  New Screen with (none) Default Theme.  Then widget tree of screen should be nothing. You can see this image where screen has no any widget.

3. Right click on your empty screen. In my case it is test2Screen and then Insert WebBlock.

4.  Now it show Pop up to select web block. Choose LayOutTopMenu  now you can see all common layout in your empty scree.Hope this help.

Thank you.

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