Copy web screen from one espace to another

Copy web screen from one espace to another


How can I copy 1 web sreen from one espace to another espace?

I have a web screen.. that is set up perfectly in another one of my espaces... I tried to copy and past it.. but it will not let me past ..

how can I copy this screen?


Im on version 5.1.0.x
I will answer my own question  just in case someone else might want to know....... use the compare are merge button at the top in service studio..
Well, you asnwered that fast. :)

I'm glad you sorted it out, and thanks for sharing - even though I would expect it to let you copy and paste the screen.


Paulo Tavares

it lets you copy paste...but the Dan's Solutions its the best approach because it copies the references needed for that screen.