How to pass data between one webblock to anothor webblock in Mobile
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Hi eveyone,

Can anyone please create the sample like how 2 webblock works if we need to pass value from one webblock to seond block in mobile appllication please can anyone share sample app for me to understnad the logic.

please explain the conept of event and event handler i have gone through the doc but still it not very clear to me.

Thanks in Advance 


Hi Pryia,

Better than sharing an example, you can see this video lesson where events are explained followed by an example of a use case.

Additionally, this article in the documentation provides a step-by-step explanation with an example and screenshots.

Kind regards,


Hi Pryia,

Like Joao said it will be good review the training process and the documentation. To understand the concept.  ;-)

Example: Video


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