related to button or server action

i have created a submit button in my form and when i open the save preparation i couldnt find the server action createor updatemovie i only find getmovie .

You cannot use CreateOrUpdate if the Entity is on another module.

You need to create an action (CRUD) on the Entity module and use the CreateOrUpdate there. Make it public and use it in the module where the form is. Send the data as a input parameter.

Hi Sheeba,

It looks like you are very new to OS and your concepts are not very clear about it. The server action and preparation are 2 different things. In traditional web, preparation is mainly used for data fetch from database where as on submit button you will get server action where you can write logic to save the data into the entities when you click on the button. 

Where as getmovie and updatemovie are entity actions which are used to perform CRUD operations which are specific to an entity.

Please refer the below link to get better understanding of the preparation/screen action/server action.

Now, could you please explain little bit more in detail what exactly you want to do with your application?

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