Urgent: Help to Solve Permission Error

Urgent: Help to Solve Permission Error

i grant Administration permission for the user during login.And also during logout i revoke the Administration permission.Now i click "Back" in IE it goes to pervious Page.For Ex its in "Home Page".Now i Click the Menu i got the Error which was shown on attachment.For where i should handle the exception give link to "Login" Screen.

Hi Devaraj,

It seems you are having some trouble using the permissions. I suggest you watching our How to manage user access control video, as well as doing our developer tutorials. As I mentioned previously, they do cover many of these subjects extensively.

However, one thing that should be made clear is that you do not need to attribute and revoke the Administrator permission on login and logout. They are permanently stored in the user database, so if you log in with a user with that permission, it will automatically assign that permission to that user session.

When that exception happens, and you want to go to the Login page, you should use a "Destination" node, to the Login page.

See the following image: to the left is the default exception handling, and at the right side there's the one which redirects to the login page.


Paulo Tavares