Converting circular structure to JSON - OutystemReactView
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.13 (Build 39571)
Platform Version
11.10.1 (Build 23852)

I only have this issue on QA, DEV is working fine.

When trying to access a screen that has DropdownSearch widgets I get :

Converting circular structure to JSON
--> starting at object with constructor 'DropdownItemList'
    --- property 'propagationParent' closes the circle

TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON
--> starting at object with constructor 'DropdownItemList'
--- property 'propagationParent' closes the circle
at JSON.stringify (<anonymous>)
at <server/app>/scripts/OutSystemsReactView.js?PahhasDl8gM1CQQgUGwLJw:6:28112
at Object.R [as trace] (<server/app>/scripts/OutSystems.js?rleJRa8AwQvOo3T_0ZhAMA:2:16771)
at View.t.componentWillUpdate (<server/app>/scripts/OutSystemsReactView.js?PahhasDl8gM1CQQgUGwLJw:6:28041)
at View.o (<server/app>/scripts/OutSystemsReactView.js?PahhasDl8gM1CQQgUGwLJw:9:12017)
at View.e.<computed> [as componentWillUpdate] (<server/app>/scripts/OutSystems.js?rleJRa8AwQvOo3T_0ZhAMA:13:11375)
at c._performComponentUpdate (<server/app>/scripts/OutSystemsReactView.js?PahhasDl8gM1CQQgUGwLJw:2:20696)
at c.updateComponent (<server/app>/scripts/OutSystemsReactView.js?PahhasDl8gM1CQQgUGwLJw:2:20077)
at c.receiveComponent <server/app>/scripts/OutSystemsReactView.js?PahhasDl8gM1CQQgUGwLJw:2:19362)
at Object.receiveComponent (<server/app>/scripts/OutSystemsReactView.js?PahhasDl8gM1CQQgUGwLJw:4:9368)

I already published a fullFactory solution with full compilation just to be sure.

I don't have any component updates showing in Service Studio.

UPDATE : I only have this issue in this specific app. 

Created a clean reactive app, with only 1 DropDownSearch and 1 DropDownTag , showing Users table, and it works.

Hi Nelson,

It looks more common error when I do google it, but to be frank I have never come across such an error before. 

Just to check, did you try creating the page again or try deleting the DropDownSearch and re-create it again.? Also, do you see any difference in data that is binding to the dropdown comparing with dev env.


Hi guys,

I went through the same error, I was not able to find or had the time to understand the root cause of it, I imagine that should be related to updated references or some garbage inside the IIs VIDIR, nevertheless, what I did to sort it out was:

  1. Clone the eSpace where we had the dropdown search that was causing the error
  2. Rename the original eSpace to "<module name>_Old"
  3. Rename the cloned version to the original name, 

and voilá it worked, in the cloned eSpace we no longer had the issue.

Note: In our case, the eSpace was an End User module that was not producing for any other module, in the case of being a _CW module or another kind of module that is producing for other modules, you need to update the producers for the new module.

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