[OutSystems UI] Sharpness of UI(image/css) on applications compare to other applications(MVC).
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Traditional Web

Users are noticing, UI is blur compare to non-outsystems application(mvc). Non-Outsystems application looks more sharp.

 We have notice same blur in other OS applications.

1. What do you need? 

       Application should not blur

2. Once  application open and compare to non-outsystems application

3. From Beginning 

4. Always

5. Everyone

6. All Environments

7. No change.

We have validated all component are used are same image, css etc.  

We have validated CSS, font and size which are same as OS. We have following findings.

1) Color code for menu is same in both OS and MVC.

2) Lines separating the icons in the left nav have same color code and width in both OS and MVC.

3) Back button alignment in the left nav is same in both OS and MVC.

4) The font size in the left nav is same in both OS and MVC.

We have tried following

- For increasing the sharpness we tried using SVG icon but each icon has unique SVG code. Hence we have to change all icons code which is hardcoded value, since

we are using dynamic approach here so we cannot use SVG icons.


-webkit-font-smoothing: antialiased;

text-rendering: optimizeLegibility;

text-rendering: auto;

font-smooth: auto | never | always | <absolute-size> | length | initial | inherit

-webkit-font-smoothing : none | subpixel-antialiased | antialiased


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