How to duplicate entity with the records?

i'm trying to duplicate my database to a new modul with clone, but the only things that copied are the structure of the database without the record inside.

how to duplicate the entity with all the record in the right way?

Hi, friend.

Depending on the number of lines, it will be a slow process. I don't think that's a way to do that automatically, so you have to fecth and create data through loops.

Be aware to handling errors and how you'll or not roll back the data.

Do that inside a timer to run assynchoronously.

Kind regards

Hi Crist, 

Check this component at forge:

is there any documentation or tutorial for this forge? because i already intall the forge but still confuse how to use it

If you have it installed, you can go to the EntryPoint Home, like this https://<domain>/Refactor/Home.aspx and read the documentation.

Hi @crist joenathan ,

One of the approach could be, write a timer to export the data to an excel file( only the required fields data). for all the tables data  you would like to import in your cloned Env. Then you would also need another timer to import this data into you new Systems.

Later part will be precisely easier as you can use bootstrapping which can an good option too.

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