Happy International Women's Day 2021

Hi OutSystems Community! 

International Women’s Day is a day of celebration and advocacy for women’s rights and equality around the world. 

In celebration of IWD, we are kicking off a series of weekly highlights for the month of March. Each week we will be highlighting some phenomenal women who are excelling in their careers and making tremendous impact in our dev community. We asked some of the women from our OutSystems community to reflect on their career journeys and share advice for the next generation of women who are looking to follow in their footsteps into tech. 

Check out their remarkable stories and responses below:

Name: Unnati Khanorkar (she/her)

Company: Persistent Systems Limited

Title: Senior Team Lead

Question: What inspired you to pursue a career in the tech and dev space?

Answer: I was very fond of computers as I interacted with this machine in my high school for the first time. I wanted to work as a software engineer as I studied further.

So I decided to do my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and then the journey began. To become a technical expert, leading the team in an organized manner so that I can guide the new joiners into this field was what I wanted to do.

Name: Olga Duarte 

Company: ForTrevo

Title: CEO

Question: What advice do you have for women who are just beginning their careers in tech and/or pursuing a career in development?

Answer: Be resilient. Be Strong.

If you want to succeed within the tech industry, like in any other, embrace the challenge with all your strength. Set up your goals and fight for what you want in your career. Don’t give up when it becomes hard and reach the community for help. Nowadays, luckily, we can have more support than in the past.

Often it will happen that you will be the only woman in the room, don't give it much thought, just focus on what you bring to the table and on what you do know.

With technology, whether on a global or local community scale, you have the chance to make a true difference to people’s lives.

Name: Gerda Hung-chu

Company: Global Smart Processes

Title: OutSystems Developer


Question: What advice do you have for women who are just beginning their careers in tech and/or pursuing a career in development?

Answer: Believe in yourself and seek the trust of people who believe in you. OutSystems offers a strong community and a platform with an eye to the future. That's what motivated me. You always feel supported.


Every single of these women are an incredible example for the next generation of women in tech to continuously challenge the status quo. Looking forward to what the future has in store for all of you and who you will continue to inspire. 


Are there any other women from the OutSystems community who continue to inspire you? Tag them below! 

Awesome work Gerda, Olga and Unnati. IT and software development in many countries is very male dominated and we need a lot more women like you to lead the way and bring balance and diversity.

Indeed @Jeanene Williams! Hope we can continue to see more women in IT and software development to bring forth more balance, diversity and innovation! :) 

-- Cat Martinez

Liked the initiative. Great work everyone, i hope you all keep on motivating other people in future as well. Best wishes

Thanks for kind words and support @Swapnil! Excited to see how these women, along with the other members we'll be featuring this month, will continue to inspire and motivate others :) 

-- Cat Martinez

Good initiative OS team. I like the way you always motivate the community members in different ways and also contributing for noble causes. 

Happy women's day to all the great ladies who are directly or indirectly contributing to this community!

All the very best for all your future events!

Really appreciate the support and your positive feedback on this initiative Sachin! Hope you enjoy the upcoming posts we have in store for this month as well! 

-- Cat Martinez

In a later career switch, development is not always the most obvious path for a woman. You need a large dose of perseverance and there are often times when you wonder why you put in so much effort, time after time. If you have people around you that believe in you and support you, it makes all the difference. I feel privileged to have these people, they inspire me every day and I hope that in the future I can inspire others to pursue their goals and find the job they enjoy with full conviction. Big thank you to the Outsystems Community and a very special thankx to all my collegues at Global Smart Processes! ;-) 

Couldn't agree more @Gerda HungChu! At times pursuing a career in dev is not an obvious choice for women. You shared some great advice - having a support system that truly believes in you can make all the difference in this industry. Thank you again for sharing and for continuing to inspire others! 

-- Cat Martinez

Thank you OutSystems for this honor. This is really good initiative and keeps us motivated :) 

Thank you @Unnati Khanorkar for sharing your story to our community! Hope your story can continue to inspire others to pursue a career in dev :) 

-- Cat Martinez

Congratulations ladies...

I once read "All Women are Working Women. Only a few are Salaried..."

So, hand up high and #ChooseToChallenge !!

If you do find that article/story, I would love to read it. Thanks for sharing that powerful statement @Swatantra Kumar

-- Cat Martinez

I can't put into words how much I love this!! 

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