Setting input widget width to percentage doesn't work

Setting input widget width to percentage doesn't work

If I set the width of an input widget to 100% it doesn't work. Only without percentage is accepted. Is there a possibilty that this is possible? The help doesn't say what input in the width property is accepted.
I inderstand it should be more clear.

But what does 75% means in this case.
you set the width of an inputbox to 75% of what?
the screen?

I have a table with rows. The tables width is set to 100% so however the size of your screen or window the table is always "fullwidth". On some of those rows I have in input widget. But there the percentage doesn't work, only a fixed width (probably in pixels). What I want is the input widget to fill the row, so a width of 100% in this case means the cell of the row is completely filled with the input widget. Most widgets accept pixels and percentage, but it looks like the input wiget does not unfortunattely.

Hope this is more clear.
I see. It does get stripped in the html-source.

Can't you solve it in the style?

Joost, thanks. Setting the style works.

But I think it should work in the width property of the widget itself like it does with other widgets.

Thanks again.
Hi Frank,

Thanks for the heads up. Indeed, as Joost pointed out, that's the way it should be done.

As the documentation explains, the width property is in terms of the number of characters you can type there, which equates to the HTML property "size" of the input widget.

If you want to change its layout width, it should be done in CSS, thus through the style property.

I hope this makes it clear why that's the behavior.


Paulo Tavares