Application title in native language or English

Good morning all,

I'm having a discussion in my company about naming applications. I'm curious how others think about it and maybe have a similar experience.

My company is based in the Netherlands. One of our standards for software on our OutSystems platform is that the main language is English. That goes for the application names too. People in the company are not really fond of that. They would rather see Dutch application names, because they have more meaning to them. Ofcourse, it's only a name but still. I think English names are more professional.

So what would be the best way to move forward?

  1. Stay with English names and maybe risk users not being completely satisfied?
  2. Completely switch to Dutch names which leads us to Dutch application names and English coding and if so, change the name of all our existing applications?
  3. Keep the English names on the platform but communicate with Dutch names, so that every applicatin basically has two names (one internal in English and one external in Dutch)?

Thanks in advance for your 2 cents.

Stay safe, Ramon

Dear Ramon,

You have not mentioned about the type of the application you are building. However, let us consider the below two scenarios which should cover all the types of application:

  • Web Application (Traditional/Reactive): If I am talking from the end users' perspective, I don't think naming the application in English will create any issue for the end user, as application names are important from the developer's perspective. You can always change the title of the application displayed to the end-user to Dutch, when he accesses the application through a browser. Actually you can make the complete UI in Dutch using the OutSystems' translation mechanisms. It will never matter for the end-user if the code is in English or the application name displayed in Service Studio is in English. The end-user can't see the code, right? 
  • Mobile Application: In this scenario, the application name language is important for the end-user if you are considering the end-user group to be majorly Dutch Speaking people. This is because when you upload the app on the play store/apple store, it is expected the app name to be in Dutch from the end-users perspective. I think it is completely possible to name the application in Dutch just like in English. Again, here also you can use the OutSystems translation mechanisms to translate the application UI, shown to the end-user, in Dutch. Also, even in this case the application code can be English as the end-user will never be able to see the code.

Am I able to shed some light? Please let me know in case you have other questions.



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