How to get value from an xml?

Hi all, i look up many forums but still can't find the answer about how to get the value. Right now, I serialized the employee info which is part of the sample_employee data containing first name, last name, email attributes to the xml and added employee info to the hash table as my value.

In the second loop, I would like to get the value of each attribute from employee info, which is the xml data, to see what the value of each attribute looks like. But I don't know how to do it.

Attached is the file for your references. 

FYI, I am using the default xml from Outsystems. Not the forge XML records.

Thank you.



Hi Hailey,

I would suggest to use XML Records forge component, it is widely used for this kind of tasks. It has a demo and a tab documentation that helps you how to use it and avoid the common mistakes when using it.

I have used this forge component to do these kind of tasks without any problem in the past.

Kind Regards,

Hi Hailey Lee.

This is a little bit confusing

In the preparation, you are assigning 3 employees to the var Employees.

When you click on the button, the first for each you are getting the data from the aggregate and assigning the records to the EmployeeInfo var and is sent to the XML, and the second for each is searching the employee id from the var Employee.

Seems the key that you are searching inside of XML does not exist.

Debug the app and check if the data.


Gonçalo Almeida

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