Manipulating the aggregate groupby result for Bar Chart
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I am creating a bar graph from an Aggregate, which generates a count of number of bookings.

The Groupby is done based on the status of each booking - "Booked", "Cancelled", "Completed".

I have generated the groupby aggregate and plotted the Bar graph. But i need one of the Dataseries to represent the total bookings done that will be the cumulative sum of all the three. Is there a way to generate this result. 

To elaborate, i would need 4 Bar Series, "Booked", "Cancelled", "Completed" and "Total"



You can try to iterate your aggregate's result (ordered by month) with a ForEach and have the logic to sum and then add the total to the aggregate with a listappend.

You can also try to make an Advanced Query instead of an Aggregate, that makes all the math on the sql and returns everything.

If you need something more detailed feel free to ask.


Hi Create Stuff

I would suggest you use advanced SQL for that.


Gonçalo Almeida

Thanks Guys for the response. I have went with Tiago's solution even though both the methods are useful

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