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Hi Friends, 

I'm Facing an Error Regarding Connection Time Out. 

I'm using Web block A Which is getting data using the list 

Inside List, I'm using Accordion. 

In The Accordion Content, I'm Having Web Block B.

Weblock B is getting data from the list. 

The Web block B data is associated with Web A. 

Web Block B is having an Input Parameter, Which is an Identifier of the Web Block A Entity.

So it's a map in such a way as to get the associated data.

So For Each Record In Web Block A, Web Block B is called, So Loading Time Increases. 

So The Connection Time Out Error Occurs.


Hi Yogesh,

It would be great if you can share the OML of your implementation so that we can look into it and provide you desired solution?

Thanks !!

Hi  Yogesh S

Check the service center for more info about the error and where the error comes from.

Or if share your oml or some screenshots from the service center it would be helpful.


Gonçalo Almeida

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