Server Center Front end Servers Question


I've a small question regarding tab servers in Server Center....

I'm not able to delete this corresponding server, because all buttons are disabled.
So the question is: Why are these disabled, and how can I enable them?
Yes, I'm administrator on this On-Premise environment.

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@Agno Silveira 

Jeroen is talking about Front-End servers here, not Deployment Zones.

The question is why are the buttons disabled in the Server_Edit screen.

@Jeroen Vormer this is strange indeed, I'm administrator too in our On-Premises environment and as you can see, the buttons are all enabled.


Does this happen for all servers? Did it work before? 

If yes, what changed? Perhaps a platform upgrade that caused this?

Nothing changed. But i'm new to this project for several weeks now.

Some years ago somebody made a mistake to add a second Front-End server, but our license doesn't allow that.
I'm trying to delete this second server, but the buttons are disabled.....Until I'm able to delete this second server, we'll see the license warning from OutSystems.......


Maybe that's why the buttons are disabled. I think this a case for OutSystems Support. 

An option might be to try to delete the server row from the OSSYS_SERVER table, but you need to be sure that the server is not being used by the platform.

In that case I'll try to reach OutSystems support.
If they have an usefull answer, I'll share this in this question/discussion.


That's the most wise thing to do.


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