User Role check on Reactive Web Page not working as expected

I have a User with an ID 7218 who logs in, after Login it goes to the Home Page, this page has a role EHS_Nexus_Administrator and it is checked so that only users with that role can view the page. See following screenshot of the page permissions

The ID of this role in Role table is 368, see following screenshot

The user 7218 that is logging in does have this role assigned.

I extract from the User_Effective_Roles all roles assigned to this user and it includes this Role which has ID 368, see the following screenshot of User_effective_Roles for user 7218

But after the user logged in I get this

Then I added in the OnRender a check by calling a server action that checks if the role is granted, and it comes back positive, see this screenshot

I cannot find why it will not work.

The Role is assigned to the user via a Group.

Is there anything else one has to do? If it is in the User_Effective_Roles I thought it means that role is granted to the user?

What I do different is that I re-direct to the page in OnRender of the HomePage based on whether the user has several sites assigned or only one, if onlyone assigned that one is selected as the current site being managed, else the list of sites is displayed on the home page and the user must select one to manage, this check is done in OnRender and if there is only one site it is automatically selected and redirected to the management page.

Hi  Elize van der Riet.

Have you debugged the app and check all the flow?

Check the service center also... can give us more info.

Could be an exception that we are not catching.

If you can... share the oml in order we can help you better.


Gonçalo Almeida


Hi Elize,

What Platform Server version are you currently on? Are you by any chance using the SSO Between App Types feature?

There were a few bugs related to this that were fixed in Platform Server version 11.10.0.

  • Fixed authenticated user losing the roles while navigating from a Traditional to a Reactive app, with Single Sign-On activated. (RAR-307)
  • Fixed SSO between different app types so the roles are correctly updated and users are no longer blocked from accessing the screens in the session. (RTAF-3182)

I noticed this same behavior when we were on an earlier Platform Server version. After upgrading the Platform to 11.10.x everything worked as expected again.

Hope this helps.



No, not using SSO

And also I am redirect within the same reactive app from one page to another not between different page types, so the above issues does not seem the same, but the behaviour does seem the same, it seems as if the user permissions are lost in the redirection.

Thank you guys, I have confirmed that it is because I re-direct to the page in the OnRender of the HomePage. I did follow this redirect pattern in another application and it did work, in this case it does not want to work, I am not sure why. If I go to that page via the menu as per usual method then it works, but it is when I redirect to it in the OnRender of the HomePage. I added to my original question that I have to redirect from the HomePage if the user has only one site assigned to them I want to directly go to the Site page for that site, if the user has multiple sites assigned they must select the one they want to go to on the HomePage from a list, then I go to that page.

I do not know any other way how to direct to another page in reactive just after the page has loaded as we always used to do in the traditional web preparation because there is no longer a preparation

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