[Case Management framework] Priority is not valid for the priority set
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I've created a process in  _WF module to handle incoming tickets. Then I decided to make a new version of the process so I created a new process, disabled the "Launch On" property on the old process and set to the new one. Then I've launched the bootstrap configuration timer in my _CS module to update the settings. After this I started to receive this kind of errors "Priority is not valid for the priority set" from the framework. It happens inside Case_Initialize action so I don't know exactly what is the issue since the module is closed. I also checked the data in CaseStatus and ProcessDefinitionPriority to make sure that the data is created correctly there. 

It's very hard to understand what I am missing since the modules are closed and there is not enough documentation about this. Are the priorities that we specify in the initial configuration become connected to the process in _WF module so we should never change the process?

@Maksym Kamysnikov Did you check if the problem might be because of the Case_AssociateProcess action which you might have done in the On Process Start of your old process ? Did you remove this piece of code and redo this with the new process ?

No I didn't remove this On Process Start from the old process. As I said the issue happens when I call Case_Initialize  action and it is before the process should start so I doubt that this was the issue.

Now I've just copy pasted the content of my new process to the old process and it works this way. I think there somewhere might be a connection to the old process ID that didn't update properly when I changed to the new process.

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