Invoice Example

Im trying to develop an example relating 1 client with many products and calculated the invoice total, the invoice is related also to a salesman, the invoice will be then be printed, the information should be able to be editable later.

I have done this before in regular but im new to OutSystems, normally my tables will be


The product table contains a lot of products so most likely an aoutocomplete feature will be nice,

Have any of you done something like that in the past, and if so how?

thanks a lot
Hi Roberto,

Welcome to our community forums.

If you are looking to do this application yourself, I recommend that you take a short time to go through our online Developer Courses. This is the basic training for OutSystems, and you should really look into them in order to begin understanding the technology, and get you up to speed.

In broader terms, it's a matter of:

1 - defining the 5 entities in Service Studio
2 - setting the relationships between the entities
3 - create the list and edit screens

and after brief tweaking, being done with it!

If you have trouble with doing this, or are wondering how to get started, I also suggest going to our learning page, and checking out the 9 initial how-tos. These cover most - if not all - of what you are trying to do.

Let us know if it helps, or if you have any other questions.

Regards, and have a great weekend.

Paulo Tavares
Thanks a lot I will do that