Having a top menu and sidemenu alongside
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Traditional Web

This is my top menu and can I add side menu? I tried to search and can I just copy the dublin theme sidemenu? I'm newbie in this.

Hi Jason Hadibrata ,

Creating new screen with  module default theme. It creates screen with LayoutTopMenu.

you can change it with selecting LayoutSideMenu  from dropdown.Now you can customise your screen according to your requirement. Suppose you do not want to ApplicationTitle or Menu in top then just delete them. 

Different approach to do this is create new screen with base theme for your MainFlow. Now when you will create  new screen it will create empty screen. Go to widget tree of that screen, right click-> insert widget -> select web block ->Common -> LayoutSideMenu -> ok.

Dublin theme another way to have side menu.

Hope this may help.

Thank you.

Hello, thank you for the answer.

Can I have the always pop up burger side menu? Like in the phone or tablet feature

I tried to cheat them by change the device config but when I open in browser, the menu on the top is missing

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