Database constraint error deleting some solutions, Is It  another OutSystems P11 bug?
Platform Version
11.10.3 (Build 27323)

Error per image:

Hi Rossi,

Based on the error it looks like that you have data in other entities that have references of the data you are trying to delete. So, you would need to either drop and recreate the constraints or delete the data that the Foreign Key references.

If it don't resolve your issue, please raise a support case with OS team.

Thanks & Kind Regards,



Hi Rossi,

Please provide feedback to OutSystems by sending the report. An error like this should not occur.



Thanks, I've sent the report but I don't if there is a place we can follow those reports and if OutSystems will work in the solution or not. 

This issue is happening for over a year already and I've reported before. 

I don't want to open a ticket case, once the current environment belongs to a client and it's quite difficult for them to approve.


You can't follow up on it unless you open a support case. But I know it will be reviewed by OutSystems if you send feedback.

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