Displaying pop-up on top of another

Displaying pop-up on top of another

I have a "new entity" pop-up (never mind what entity) and a widget that allows selecting a value for one of the entity's fields. The widget creates a pop-up. This works, but unfortunately the 2nd pop-up is rendered within the first. Is it possible to have the second popup being rendered on top of the first instead?
Hi Kilian,

Without seeing it in action, I can't fully understand what is the navigation flow you have there. Still, what you are trying to achieve should be do-able by tweaking Javascript a bit.

However, if you don't want to go deep hands-on with Javascript, my recommendation would be to somehow change the navigation flow. Instead of opening the popup from within the popup, I would close the original popup and then open a new popup. Is this feasible?

Alternatively, you could also resize the original popup, so that the new one fits in it.

If none of this makes sense, I would suggest you taking a screenshot of it, so we can better understand what you're saying :)


Paulo Tavares
Hi Paulo,

The flow is this: list of current entities -> create new entity -> select data for new entity. See attached image of what goes wrong. Unfortunately, changing the navigation flow is not the preferred option (although I'll consider it as a last resort). Tweaking JavaScript could be an option, but I'm not sure that's possible here given that the Popup_Editor is in the RichWidgets extension.
I'm wondering if an input-auto complete would be a better option ... or maybe a drop down box with a category : http://www.outsystems.com/NetworkSolutions/ProjectDetail.aspx?ProjectId=169.  We have an application where we need to allow users to search across multiple data rows the the auto complete allows us to do this.  A local parameter can also hold a concatenation of the values.
The input auto-complete could indeed be another option to use, but it is less flexible as it allows to search on name only. Also we've seen a number of glitches with the input auto-complete that I'd rather avoid having to deal with.
my 2cents:

imho, a popup on a popup is a bad webdesign.
either make the first popup a normal page and then use popup for the specific parts,
or use the suggestion of rebecca.