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Hello Community!

I am reading this article:

I had two doubts about Multi-tenants:

1. I didn't quite understand the function of this System Action TenantSwitch, What do you mean "changes the context the specified tenant."  would it be that when using it could you include it in a logic to modify the tenant in which a user is inserted, in the case of personalized user providers?

Could someone exemplify a situation in which I could use it?

2. I didn't understand this information: "Warning: When using the default "Users" application to perform user management, you cannot rename "Users" tenant for the application to operate correctly."

Can someone help-me?

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Jessica Marques. 

Hi Jessica Marques

Regarding the first question, basically, it means you can have the same user in several tenants and this action allows you to login with this user in a specific tenant.

Regarding the second, each time you create a new application will create it with the users tenant, which is the default tenant, and to manage the users you can use the users application. The users application can't manage users from other tenants. They do not appear.

For the multi-tenant applications, we usually use Multi-tenant management (, which allows to manage tenants and also users by tenant.


Gonçalo Almeida

Hi Gonçalo Almeida, 

Thanks for the explanation, now it's clearer for me.

Best Regards, 

Jessica Marques. 

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