How to pass list from parent to Child Popup
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I have a list which is not saved yet  and I want to pass it to a child pop up, there  i will modify the data from the  list .
but it returns me an error (404 not found)


Hi Rijan

Could you share your OML file. We can look into it .

Kind Regards,

Hi sir Tom ,

Im sorry I can't , It is exclusive only for our company .

Hi Rijan,

I have attached the OML for your query,

Hope this will help,




Hi Ms.Komal,

thanks for sharing your oml file.

but the procedure I am doing is to  send all record from list to Child Pop up , and then I will modify  the record from it.
I am Using ms. Shiela procedure but once I go back to Parent and open again the child pop up, it shows 404 not found.


You can use input parameter of text in your popup, before passing the value of a list in the popup, use JsonSerialize then pass the output as text in the popup, then in popup preparation deserialize the text using JsonDeserialize and remember to identify the structure of the list to correctly parse the data. :) hope it works :)

Hi Ms.Shiela , this is the procedure i am doing right now , but once I return to parent and open again the child pop-up it shows 404 not foud .


If you are serializing the list and sending it by parameter, make sure you are under the characters limit for the URL.

Hi sir Jorge,

I will look into it .
Will get back to you once I confirm it is the reason .


Hi Rijan,

You can use the JSON approach but there's always the URL characters limitation and the maintenance of the structure.

In does cases my approach is to create a support data model where an entity is created with just the fields needed by the screen, it helps the maintenance,  the screen development and the only thing needed is a 'housekeeping' (if you want) to clear the data when the popup is closed without saving or the browser is closed.

In attachment I'm sending an OML with a very simple example of how I normally solve does issues.

Any questions let me know.

Best regards,

Ricardo Pisco.


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