Decimal List to Object


I'm using Excel Financial Functions, and trying to use this NPV function that needs values to be passed as an object.

I have 13 decimal values that I'm putting on a List using "List Append".

And I'm trying to use this Decimal List in the NPV function, but I'm getting the following error:

What could be causing this error?

Thank you.

Not sure but this may be due to multiple ListAppend Actions in a single flow.
What you can try is:
- Create a ',' separated String & then convert this text to a List.
- Now that list you can easily pass to your respective action.

Note: You can use Text Library Action StringToList to this.

Hope it helps,

Hi Julia Freitas

Try to use a Decimal Record list instead of a Decimal list.

I faced that issue because I was trying to convert a list and gives the same issue and I change it to a record list and worked as expected.


Gonçalo Almeida

Thanks for the answer, but I still get an error :(


The error seems to suggest you converted a record to object not a record list as proposed by Gonçalo Almeida

Hi! Actually I'm using a Decimal Record List

Hello Julia.

Try this solution... Create a struct and then use a record list of the struct instead of a decimal var


Gonçalo Almeida

Hello Julia,

I having this problem too. Do you have the solution yet.

what is the data type you put into the ToObj(?????).

Thank you

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