Use AbortActivityChangeException instead of UserExcption in RWA.
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Hello Friends.

I'm facing problem that can't handle UserException by UserExceptionHandler  in Client Action.
That’s same matter as following topic.

Now I'm using Timer but not using BPT.
So I'm wondering if AbortActivityChangeExceptionHandler could be used as a makeshift alternative.
It was handled in Client Action.

I have no plans to use BTP in the future, do you think there is a problem with this unintended use?

Thank you.

P.S.  This seems to be recognized as a bug by OutSystems, so I hope it will be resolved in the near future.



I don't see how using the AbortActivityChange Exception handler would solve your problem

The workaround for the current limitation is that you should not code UserExceptionHandler but a specific one for the Different UserExcpetions you created.



Hi Daniël, Thank you for your reply.

I'll explain in detail about my problem and why this makeshift alternative works for it.

First of all, the problem with the premise is that the modules are different on the processing side and the raise side of the Cient Action.
In this case, it is impossible to handle a specific UserException due to OutSystems specifications that the Exception cannot be made public, and it is necessary to handle it with a general UserException, you know.

At this time, it is necessary to use AllExceptionHandler to handle UserException with ClientAction due to the bug existing in RWA.
Using AllExceptionHandler has the side effect of Invalid Login and Communication exceptions not reaching the default handling.

At the very least, I want to realize that I can return an exception including an arbitrary message to Client Action without using AllExceptionHandler, and I am considering using AbortActivityChange Exception for that.


I understand the issue, just don't understand how AbortActivityChange exception is going to solve it.

Becouse AbortActivityChangeException can be handled with AbortActivityChangeExceptionHandler without using AllExceptionHandler in Client Action.

And AbortActivityChangeException can also contain any ExceptionMessage.

Thank you.


Ok, well you can try, obviously if you start using BPT in the future, this might lead to issues.

Please share your results, i am intrested.

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