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Hi Guys,

I am using the pattern Rating (Numbers) and, every time i navigate away from the page i receive the following errors on the console and on the screen:

  • rating is null;
  • activeScreen is null;

I am using the pattern with the following options:

Can someone advise?


Pedro Domingues


Hi Pedro,

I am also using this pattern and havn't seen such issue yet. So can you share your OML for us to see if there is any specific case on your screen which is generating this error.

Hi Nikhil, 

Probably i forgot to say that i am using that pattern several times on the same page.

I have tested on another browsers (Chrome and Edge) and i get the following error:

Cannot read property 'querySelector' of null

The errors on FireFox:

Hello, @Pedro Domingues .

Can you provide us with an isolated implementation where the issue is visible?

I tried to replicate it using the pattern on a list of products and navigation to other screens, but I don't get the errors you mentioned.

Best regards,
Rui Mendes

Hi Pedro Domingues

What is happening here is the javascript is been executed before the screen and as is trying to executing a function and the element is not available yet it usually raises that type of error.

Try to ensure that all the elements on the screen available before call the javascript function.

As Rui Mendes said... if you can share the oml it would be useful.


Gonçalo Almeida

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