Configuration of Incapsula for reactive


Working with support we have identified that Incapsula (firewall and reverse proxy) will cause javascript loading issues for reactive Apps.  Support have seen this before but don't have details on what changes in incapsula should be made to allow a reactive application to work.  The team have contacted the vendor for support on changes but are wondering if anyone who is using Incapsula and has resolved in the past can share what configurations changes are required.




Don't know if you already overcome this issue.

We also had issues also with incapsula. For the moment we disabled the cache on Incapsula and remove the dynatrace agent. The upgrade over the air works but we still face some issues with resources being somehow canceled. If anyone who uses Incapsula have some ideia how to solve this canceled error.

Hi Paul,

For reactive and native mobile apps you must also disable the incapsula bot protection that injects a javascript that breaks the upgrade over the air features. 

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