[Data Grid Reactive] Numeric format in Reactive
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When i add a integer value in tha datagrid (Into NumericColumn or TextColumn" the grid is formatting this with a thousand-seperator. We have no possibility to use the build-in-function "FormatDecimal".

How can i get a numeric value into the grid without formatting?

Or is it possible for you to add possibility for us to use a function to format values between the json and the UI? 

Hello @Stein Jørgen Dahle,

Currently we don't have a public API to set up the Number format. 

To avoid the thousands separator, you can add these two JS rows in the OnReady event of the page that has your grid:

GridAPI.ColumnManager.GetColumnById($parameters.ColumnId)._provider.format = "f 0"

GridAPI.ColumnManager.GetColumnById($parameters.ColumnId)._editor.format = "f 0";

The parameter ColumnId should be your number column id:

We know this isn't the ideal solution.

To build a solid solution, how do you see this configuration being set? At the column level, at the grid level? An input parameter, a client action?

Hope to hear your feedback,

Bruno Martinho

Thank you, I will give you a feedback as soon as possible

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