Tip: Search Outsystems on your browser's navbar


I thought I'd share a tiny trick for those starting out with Outsystems and coming from other techs, where searching for issues/docs was an exercise of ctrl+t+stackoverflow+tab(or simillar) and search away. I actually mentioned this on a usability session with Outsystems where I found myself kind of lost between bookmarks and search engines trying to look up something.

The idea is to search on the browser's navbar, like so:

On to it (*the following is suitable for chromium engines, but probably similar on others):

- Open your browser settings page (usually under the ellipsis buttons on the top right)
- Select the "Search Engine" tab on the left pane, then click on "Manage Search Engines"
- Click Add
- Fill in the following:
Search Engine: Outsystems
Keyword: outsystems.com (or just outsystems)
URL: https://www.outsystems.com/Community/st_search.aspx?q=%s

That's it!

Now whenever you hit your navbar, writing outsystems.com followed by a tab or space will redirect your search to the global community search where you can further filter by forums, forge, ideas, etc.

Happy searching!

Excellent will definitely try....

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