How to use custom URL for a specific application


Is there a way to implement something like this in OutSystems?{InputParameter1}/{InputParemeter2}

I've already tried Exposing Rest API that does a redirect I still would need to know how to customize the URL to look like the one above.

Thank you!

Hi Michael,

You can try below option to customize your URL.

Use this in Expression.

1)If( IsSecureConnection(), "https://", "http://" ) + GetRequestDomain() + "/"+{InputParameter1}+"/"+{InputParemeter2}

2)If( IsSecureConnection(), "https://", "http://" ) + GetRequestDomain() + GetEntryURL("ApplicationEntryName",eSpaceName:"EspaceName",FirstParameterName:"Fistname",FirstParameterValue: LocalVariable


Thanks for the tips everyone! Poonam's solution worked best for our app.

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