Celebrating Women's History Month - Part 2

Hey OutSystems Community, 

Hope you all had a great weekend! As mentioned last week on International Women’s Day, we are running a weekly series in highlighting some of our very community members who are excelling in their careers and sharing their journey along the way. In celebration of Women’s History Month, we would like to highlight these phenomenal women as they share advice they’ve learned to help them continue to challenge the status quo. 

Check out their remarkable stories and responses below:

Name: Orla Dijkink (she/her)

Company: LINKIT

Title: Principal Developer

Question: What is the best advice you've received from other colleagues, mentors or leaders on pursuing your career passions and goals? 

Answer: Whenever someone offers me an opportunity or I see an opportunity I go for it. I don’t give myself the time to doubt, I just say yes. If I start thinking about why I shouldn’t go for an opportunity, I always find an excuse. I’m not saying you should say yes to everything, don’t become peoples doormat. Do say yes to every opportunity, no matter how scary it may seem.

In the past year I have recorded multiple videos and have spoken at a Meetup. Even though it scares me to death to speak in front of groups. But when I was asked to do it I just said yes. The panicking and stressing I did after that. But I made a commitment so I pushed through. And I’m so happy I did every one of those things.

I got this simple advice at the beginning of my career, but I lived by it and it has helped me a lot in my career. A lot of things seem scary and impossible at first, but are so doable when you just start.


Name: Gemi Ablaza (she/her)

Company: TESI

Title: Systems Development Head

Question: What advice do you have for women who are just beginning their careers in tech and/or pursuing a career in development?

Answer: Always be confident in who you are and what you can achieve. Decide on what you want and go for it!

Name: Beatriz Clarke

Title: Software Development Manager

Company: Stemcell Technologies

Question: What advice do you have for women who are just beginning their careers in tech and/or pursuing a career in development?

Answer: My advice first and foremost would be to get out of your comfort zone and take a chance on challenging tech areas!  Although a somewhat intimidating field, especially for women, it is very rewarding and stimulating. Women who succeed in the industry and pursue careers in tech are inspiring role models for other women, so search for your role model in the industry, and maybe make it a goal to become one. Lastly, make sure to ask for the opportunities that come up, and find a mentor within the field who can guide you along the way. Once you find the right tech team (development team in my case), you will be surprised by the amazing support your peers will give you.



Every single of these women are an incredible example for the next generation of women in tech to continue to break barriers. Looking forward to what the future has in store for all of you and who you will continue to inspire. 


Are there any other women from the OutSystems community who continue to inspire you? Tag them below! 

Loving these articles! Thanks for sharing your advice, ladies. :)

Reading those words make me feel energized <3 We have the best community!

Truly Inspiring .......!!!!! Love this article.

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