Timers - How to launch 6+ timers and make sure that they are all executed ?

Hi all. 

I have a flow where that i have divided up in 2 section part 1 and part 2. 

I am having issues when running part 2, which is a job that runs multiple timers in parallel, and it is set off by starting 7 timers. 

Now i know that i can only run 3 timers at a time, on one front end server.

But when I am starting 7 timers, doesn't that then mean that it will execute 3 of those timers, and when one off those timers are done, it will begin executing the next in line ? so it will automatic make some sort of a queue for the timers that have been set off ???  

If not, then how do i make sure that off af my timers are being executed?

Hi Thomas Eldrup,

You can customize the count of timer run at front end from outsystems configuration tool and when there more than 3 timers ,the timers with high priority runs first, and to know whether the timer run or not you can put log messages.

Please go through this link, it may help you,




Hello Thomas,

In the details of the scheduler service, you can see the threads related to Timers and their status and also the execution Queue.

See also this section of the documentation;


And this article;


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