Cant write in inputs

Hi so I am a beginner using the platform and i am having an issue with this inputs, i wanna write on them but they stay grey and dont allow me to change anything on them , its not about permissions because i am logged on admin so with someone knows how to fix this help pls


Hi Nuno,

you already checked if your form or inputs is set to enable true ?


Hi Agno 

Yes i have the enable on true in all the inputs i have, i dont think that is the problem.

Oh no i saw now my error yeah it was that the form was false, i was looking to the variable 

Thanks for your attention and help Agno cheers


Glad you found the problem, as I commented on enable = true for the form.



Hi Nuno,

Please check Input and Form's Enabled property.

Kind regards

Hi Tom 

So like I told Agno i have all my inputs with the enable on true

Yeah Tom your right i was just seeing the enable in the variables.

Thanks for your help and attention cheers mate


Are you using any condition for enable disabling the inputs, If possible please share your OML to look in to it properly, 



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