Import multiple images into Service Studio

Import multiple images into Service Studio

I am creating an espace consisting of an icon set to use in future aplications.

I have to import nearly 300 icons into Service Studio. Is there any way to import all icons at once?

It's very time consuming to import one by one.


Diogo Proença
Hi Diogo,

as you can read in this post, the solution is:

"n, you can use this command line to add a resource: ServiceStudio.exe -importResource espace.oml resource_filename [target path]
You can do a similar batch file to import the whole directory"

You have an alternative way, to add them in a extension (its a easier process then drag one by one) and then you can use the image invoking the url

But honestly, i have to ask...300? are you going to use them all? And what is the size of those icons? Remember by doing that, add them as an image to the espace, every time you publish the espace you are uploading 300 images and their size, and that can be a real pain if your espace starts to get bigger and bigger.

Maybe, you can minimize this impact if you create an espace with the 300 images and make them public, so in your espace with the application logic you can reference and use them.

Hi Diogo,

Ricardo pointed out two approaches for the problem, indeed. A third suggestion I would make is to import the images to the database. As mentioned, any other way will have you deploying 300 images every time you publish a new version.

Would that help you?


Paulo Tavares
This espace will only contain the images exposed as public in order to reference them in future applications, without the need to have the same images in all espaces. And with this method if we would want to change the delete button for an entire application we wouldn't have to open each espace and change it.

The size of each image rounds the 300 bytes, so i think 300 images its not much of deal (only 85 KB).

Ricardo, the solution you gave by using the command line to add a resource, will put the images in the resources folder instead of the images folder or am i wrong?


Diogo Proença

Another option available by using style sheets is by using image sprites.  You import 1 image, 1 css file and then reference the image "area" through css.  This way the 1 image also gets cached on the users pc to improve performance.
what Rebecca said!
Plus 1 to Rebecca!
Great and usually overlooked solution... example/component?