[Data Grid Web] Configuration Save button Success Message for multiple grid in a page.
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I am using Navigation Tab component and in each tan content I have added the advanced grid, which is fetching data from different APIs.

I have added the ConfigurationSaveButton on the basis of active tab. Added the corresponding success and failure messages.

If all the tabs are visited  once then the success message for saving the grid configuration setting is displayed that number of time. If I have visited only one tab then the success or failure message is visible once only.

I have also configured the corresponding grid Ids in the ConfigurationSaveButton  component i.e. each button is mapped with different grid.

Could you please suggest the issue resolution and why this is caused.




Hi Unnati,

Sorry, I got confused by reading your post: 

what is your expected behavior?

What problem currently are you facing with Datagrid while saving its configuration?

can you please elaborate on more steps wisely?


Manish Jawla


Hi Manish,

the issue is the feedback message for saving the one grid configuration is getting displayed multiple times (if all the grids in different tabs are loaded at least once - success feedback message is displayed that many times

for example - If I have 3 tabs in the navigation tab component and I have visited all the 3 tabs, now I am saving the grid configuration for tab 2 then the success feedback message of the ConfigurationSaveButton is loaded 3 times, one after other).

The expected behavior should be the success feedback message should be loaded once for the current displayed grid.  

Hi Unnati,

Have you assigning different Name to Grid button?, also please try to enclose that button in container and if condition and make that container visible, if you are in particular tab.

Dnyanarth Lonkar

yes did that already. This is not resolving the issue.


Hi Unnati,

Please find the attached oml.

I tried to replicate your scenario with 3 tabs, but for me, it's working fine.

Maybe you can compare the code and try to identify the gap.

Hope this helps.


Manish Jawla


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