BPT Conditional Start Triggered even if the entity status doesn't match

Hi all,

I have a simple but vexing problem. I have a conditional start "On Reject" in a BPT approval process that triggers every time the process starts. 

The conditional start is triggered when an entity update "UpdateApprovalRequest" occur. I set the "Start On" specific record and specific Status (see below).

However in my app, whatever the status update - "Approved" or even "Processing", this "On Reject" will trigger and terminate the process. This happens for all the ApprovalRequest BPT made. The user have not even begin the approval form entry, and the process is terminated by this "OnReject" conditional start.

I have checked for any update entity that mark the "Rejected" status but it exist only in the form where user decide to approve or reject the request. Now the user have not got there yet but somehow this process triggers automatically.

Any idea/clue where to start? 


Hi Wai Hing Ho, have you tried to debug this process and check the status in runtime of the record that has triggered that "wrong call"?

Found the problem after debugging. Used the wrong flag in an aggregate and that triggers the OnReject event.

Hi Team,

Even if my process end in conditional start, it resumes again. Kindly help to resolve the same.



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