[CKEditor]  Cannot set property 'ckEditorUpdate' of undefined
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I am using CKEditor 4. I have a page where te user can fill in text in English and Dutch.
The default text is English

With the button the user can change it to Dutch text.

When the user clicked on the button it changes to Dutch text (this is an other input field hidden with a boolean with true or false). But I also got this error message:
An exception occurred in the client script. Error: Cannot set property 'ckEditorUpdate' of undefined

This are the settings I use

How can I fix the error I got?

Thanks in advance. 

Hi IT Mploy Associates

This usually occurs when the javascript is trying to set some property but it can't find the object.

I think the problem is on the hidden field.

On the input, Change the visibility property to true and apply the class hidden and test it.


Gonçalo Almeida

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