Demo: How To Create and Use Actions?

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Hi Mori

If you don't explain the question in more detail, no one will be able to answer it.

What is the exact issue here?

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I'm sorry. Ask again

I hope this will help you to understand the actions in Outsystem.

1. Server Action 

=> set as a function and use it direclty in expression

=> encapsulate the logic and resure in other actions

=> strong dependency from consumer to producer module in tightly-coupled way

2. Screen Action

=> run logic when user interacts with screen

=> add screen action in web block as well

3. Client Action

=> Run logic on client side/user device

=> create in logic tab (encapsulate logic for reuse in several screen) and screen (when user interact with screen) as well

=> e.g like button click, link click, etc

4. Service action

=> REST based remote call to another process. 

=> week dependency from consumer to producer module in loosely-coupled way

Hope you got the answer here. Below is a example of actions in attached image




Hi Mori,

Could you please provide us more information on the issue you are facing?

In case you want to know about the creation and usage of the actions, please refer to link below: 



Hi mori taisei

Check this course first in order to understand not only the actions but service studio as well


Gonçalo Almeida

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