Error deserialising viewstate in traditional web app when using list box with select2
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I have a web block inside a web screen and the web block contains a table records. In the table records, I have given the ability to edit the details as editable table has a pagination issue and it doesn't fit for my requirement.

While editing the records, there is a combo box A which has an onChange event. When a value in combo box A is refreshed, the values in Combo Box B should be refreshed based on Combo Box A value. This functionality works absolutely fine. Now, we would like to implement multiple selection in Combo Box B. So, I had removed Combo Box B and added a list box with a select 2. 

When Combo Box A value is changed, the onchange event is triggered and values are populated in the list box. But when I try to change the combo box A value the next time, it is giving me "Error deserializing viewstate" issue. I tried using a local record list as source to the list box and also tried giving Advanced SQL as source. But did not find any luck.

Kindly advice.


Sai Ravali

Hi Sai,

You can use "Multi Select List with Checkboxes - MultiSelect " this forge component for  selecting multiple items in drop down

hope this will help,




Hi Komal,

Thanks for your suggestion. 

Actually the combo box and list box operations are working fine as far as there are no links in the row. Once I add a link with a screen action or a  button (to save the record), it starts giving the "Error deserializing viewstate"  issue when I try to perform any action in the page. 

Kindly advice.

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