software units and Platform Server

software units and Platform Server

I'm a newbie to OutSystems, having been through a bunch of the How-Tos and just started to venture off on an application of my own. Already I have run out of Software Units! I can no longer do any development work or even more How-Tos. 30,000 units is simply not enough to even go through all the How-Tos.

I can understand some of the pricing when using the OutSystems servers, but I'm using my own server. This sort of limitation doesn't exactly sound very practical. I'm using your software, but not your facilites.

Being an independent software developer, I don't mind paying reasonable prices for software I use to develop applications. After all, you guys have to make money and if I want good software, then I have to contribute to keep you in business.

So... Is there a way to purchase your software and use my own servers? The money rate you have established, as I understand it, includes the use of your servers for my applications and this is cost prohibitive to me.

If I delete the sample apps and How-Tos I've been through, will this return available software units?? Maybe if I can learn more about the software and how to use it productively, I might be able to justify more. If not, then I simply wasted a bunch of hours.

Thanks... ~Joe
Hi Joe,

thanks for exposing your vision, and i would suggest you to send this subject to Product Management Team (click in the Ask OutSystems Link) and don't need to delete espaces to get software units available in the service center, just disable the ones you're not using it.

Hi Joe,

Ricardo is right. To disable some eSpaces you can go to Service Center > Administration > Licensing > Software Units.

Tiago Simões

Is this feature to disable an eSpace available in  I cannot find it anywhere.  I *can* find the option to take an Application "offline", which also takes the enclosed eSpaces offline, but the count of Software Units is not affected.

Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I can't find the answer on any newer threads.

Hi Nic.
The disable option disappeared in version 7. Now all espaces count for Software Units until you delete them.
The rational for this is that with the "disable" feature, it was possible to manually (or even programmatically!) disable/enable eSpaces to avoid going over the maximum software units.