Technical Preview -  React 16 - label for does not work

The following problems occurred when this function was enabled.
Technical Preview - Reactive Web and Mobile runtime on React 16

The for property of the HTML Label links to the Checkbox ID, and clicking the label toggles the checkbox ON / OFF, but it links to the span tag ID and does not work as intended.

Originally, HTML linked with input tag (checkbox) should be output instead of span tag.


Thank you for reaching out and reporting this issue, can you confirm what is the version of the Platform Server you are on? 

Thank you

Hi Ricardo,

It will be as follows.
platform Server: 11.10.0 (Build 22910)


Thank for you the information, it helped me validate my assumptions.

This is issue was fixed in Platform Server 11.11.1 with the issue id RAR-436. You can find the release notes here

We will also be adding to the known issues section of the Technical Preview - Reactive Web and Mobile runtime on React 16.

Thank you for reporting this issue.


Hi Ricardo,

Thank you for the information.
I will consider upgrading the environment.

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