Refresh Table with Container expand collapse

Refresh Table with Container expand collapse


I have a List Record each line has "containter expand collapse" and a container with a webblock that has another list record

+- Like this:

        --> WEBBLOCK
             --> LIST RECORD

The problem is when I use ajax refresh on one line only. The expand/collapse widget just stops working.

Any idea?
Make sure that if the expand collapse widget is contolling the 'detail' block the expand / collapse widget itself is included in the refresh.
(A refresh probably changes the ID of the components in the webblock)
Each line contains both the container and widget and I refresh the whole line. So yes, it is included. I also thought the ids could change but, when analysing the HTML pre and post refresh, the ids are the same
Is your validation set to both client and server?
The AJAX Refresh is triggered by a web block OnNotify, so no validation method is needed or selectable
Hmm; ok that's getting pretty hard then...

Perhaps you can post a screenshot?
This might explain a bit your idea / set-up.
Hi Miguel,

Probably a screenshot as well as a small eSpace that replicates that behavior, would help. That way anyone can publish it here and try to see what's the issue, and if it is indeed a bug, that eSpace can be sent directly to our support department.


Paulo Tavares
You're right Paulo, maybe with a spike solution or something like that would be easier...
Right now I'm a little short on time so I'll try to post it during the weekend.

Thanks :)
Hi Migual !

did you found a solution on your query ? Please advise..