Dropdown items

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to show in a dropdown the maximum lenght of the respective aggregate?

The Max Records is 50 by default and we can increase this number, but how can we say that we want to show all the values in the dropdown?

Thank you

Hi Liliana,

You can do the aggregate in a Data Action, that way you do not need to define the Max Records property.



Thank you Ruben!

Hi Liliana Marques

You can do as Ruben said or you can increase the max records of the aggregate to a number more than the really max (for example 999). 

Be aware that using aggregates or any advanced SQL without max records is not good practice.


Gonçalo Almeida

Thank you Gonçalo.

I tried this way first, but I have so many aggregates and dropdowns, that I thought that would be a way to do it 'automaticaly' when creating the aggregate.

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