How can I update database Stock name attribute imported from bootstrap entity
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Hi, I'm doing stock management system in which I achieved stockQty dynamically change in order to stock NumberofUse and stock NumberOfArrival by using server action and finally called server action in tableRowSave.I used Editable Table that I don't want to use create data. For that, wrote some JS code & CSS only to update and cancel inside table.I also  want to update Stock Name. I need to use if condition one more inside Server Action?Please check my code and give me logical suggestion.

I will attach oml to check.




Hi Golden,

These are the changes I made:

1) Added an input parameter StockName with Data Type text to UpdateStockQty, and assigned it to the StockName attribute of the retreived entity record. (btw. maybe a good idea to change the name of the server action to UpdateStockRecor)

2) In screen action StockRowSave I added the current record StockName parameter to the call of UpdateStockQty

The attached module has the changes.




Thanks Daniel , I achieved right now. 

Best Regards,


I'm sorry, I solved my problem. In server action, created Stock Name as Input parameter and assign this in server action.

GetStockById.list.Current.StockName= StockName  

and finally Updated Stock entity.Achieved this.


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