[Microsoft Login Connector Reactive] My apps use an old version of this component. Will updating it break them?
Forge component by Miguel Amado
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I have several apps in production that use an older version of MS Login Connector Reactive/Core (with a built in login button). It seems like these features are now deprecated and have now been removed from the component. If I update MS Login Connector will it stop those apps from working? Reconfiguring the individual apps in the development environment is no big deal but i'd like to avoid having to redeploy all of my existing apps to production simultaneously. What would be considered best practice in this case?

Hi Richard,

I think that version 1.0.2 still has the button as an option, although I think the parameters might have changed. You could use this version as a transition. That way you can change the applications one by one and when done update the component to the latest version.



Thanks Vincent. Yes that would be ideal, but would installing the latest version from the forge not just automatically update the version I currently have installed? I suppose the ideal scenario would be to install the latest version as a separate application (along side the version I already have) so that I could transition our apps one at time. Is that even possible?



Hi Richard. 

Installing the latest forge application as a separate application is not possible as far as I know. What is possible (but a bit more work) is what I did with another component in a similar situation. I cloned that component and changed all references to the cloned component and deployed those changes to prod. Then I install the latest version and changed the references again to the new version. 

A bit more work but is safe to do.



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