Mobile app freezes in Splash screen IOS devices
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.10.14 (Build 39806)

Hi All

i have a mobile app that freezes in splash screen in IPhone devices after login credentials are entered. 

The app works fine in andriod devices. The app has been build with 6.3 MABS version for IOS

ApplcationLoadEvents webblock is present inside splash screen

I am getting the below error message in service center

Upgrade failed - rolling back to previous application version.

Running on native but cordova wasn't loaded

OSCache was not initialized because Cordova was not loaded.

Running on native but cordova wasn't loaded

please help


Saravana Kumar V


Hello there Saravana,

Can you please try to generate your IPA file again and reinstall the new version in the device?

Kind regards,

Rui Barradas

Hi Rui Barradas

Already tried uninstalling and installing the app again still same issue


Saravana Kumar V

Hi All

I am using the below plugin in my app firebase module - Extensibility Configurations

Please help as I am not able to move forward


Saravana Kumar V

Hi Saravana,
You might be trying to use a plugin with IOS which is not included in the respective build.
Better check whether you're able to build & open app without plugins.
So that you can later figure out & comeback with the plugin that creates a problem.

As far as the Firebase-Mobile; I would recommend you to use the below forge component by David.

Hope it helps,


Hi assif_tiger

If I remove the plugin information from Extensibilty Configurations and build the app 

we are able to go to dashboard screen in iPhone devices

we are using the same FireBaseMobile component developed by david in our app


is the below plugin is really required to push notification for android and IOS devices ?

please advise


Saravana Kumar V

Why are using a specific gitversion.. remove the #1.9 from url that it point to the latest repo version &  use MABS 7.0 to generate builds.

Btw if you use forge component then you don't need to add the url in extensibility configuration..this will add same plugin again.

Cleanup extensibility configuration.. use forge n build.

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